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I saw this blog entry from Stuck in a Book and I thought I’d provide my own list.  The responses to Simon’s blog were really interesting.

1.) The book I’m currently reading:

War by Sebastian Junger: An incredible book based on the year Sebastian Junger spent with the American Army’s 2nd battalion in the Korengal Valley in Eastern Afghanistan.  So far I’ve read about 50% and it’s a fascinating insight into modern warfare and the impact it has on soldiers and their relationships with each other.  It’s pretty brutal and blunt at times but it’s also gripping.  The fact that the war in Afghanistan is on the news almost everyday only serves to emphasise the relevance of this book.  Highly recommended.

2.) The last book I finished:

Slaughterhouse-5 by Kurt Vonnegut: A really interesting read.  It was quick and easy and actually really enjoyable.  When I read the blurb, “Slaughterhouse-Five introduces us to Billy Pilgrim, a man who becomes unstuck in time after he is abducted by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore.” I didn’t really know what to expect!  So I was pleasantly surprised and on a more serious note, it’s a novel that highlights the impact of war in its own way.

3.) The next book I want to read:

Blackout by Connie Willis: Three young historians travel from 2060 to early 1940s Britain for firsthand research. I’ve got a copy of the hardback version from the library and I’ev read the first few pages, it seems really easy to read and I’m intrigues as to how much period detail there will be and how she integrates the future.  I’m looking forward to settling in with this one.

4.) The last book I bought:

Tell No One by Harlan Coben: It was on offer on Amazon and even though I’ve already read it I couldn’t resist!  It’s a good book to have to hand in case I need something I can leave behind on holiday.  It’s a typical Coben mystery/thriller; enjoyable and easy.

5.) The last book I was given:  I was actually given a present of 3 books recently:

Reality Hunger by David Shields: Apparently this book “questions every assumption we ever made about art, the novel, journalism, poetry, film, TV, rap, stand-up, graffiti, sampling, plagiarism, writing, and reading.”  I’ve no idea if this is true, but I look forward to finding out!

The Interrogative Mood: A Novel? by Padgett Powell: This book poses question after question – it looksa bit odd but I reckon it’ll get me thinking!

and finally, Stone’s Fall by Iain Pears: Historical fiction, which I like and it’s a mystery, which I also like.  That’s all I know about this one so far, but I’m looking forward to it.


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