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..the experience surpasses the expectation!  Gotta love that!


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Tomorrow is world book night; celebrate by giving someone a book or by going along to one of the numerous events happening at bookshops and libraries all around the UK and Ireland.

Check out the website: www.worldbooknight.org for more information on what’s happening near you.

I applied to be a giver and I’m giving my copies of Ben MacIntyre’s Agent ZigZag to St George’s hospital in South London so the books can be given to patients.

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I’ve been getting the RSS feed for the blog 1000 Awesome things for over a year now and it’s so much fun to read the headline and think, yeah that’s awesome!  All those everyday experiences that you take for granted but are actually really awesome, such as finding good reading material in someone else’s bathroom, the clean baby smell, finding out what song is in the commercial, the smell of a library, or getting the lid off a jar no one else could open!  I don’t agree with all the awesome posts but it’s nice to be reminded that we’re surrounded by awesome things everyday and we should celebrate the everyday achievements and pleasures just as much as the exceptional.

As I mentioned I’ve been reading this blog for over a year, but I’ve never commented on it.  But todays post really stood out for me; All the food that comes out of a pig is awesome!!  I love pigs; they’re intelligent, cute and extremely tasty.  Think I might need to have a bacon butty soon.

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A recent trip to Vienna included a visit to the Prunksaal, which was the former building of the Imperial Library, called the “Hofbibliothek” until 1918.  It is a stunning room; the frescoes, the dark wood, the beautiful globes, it was just a pleasure to walk into and spend time in.  If you are ever in Vienna I would highly recommend a look inside.



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This looks so cool!

This looks fabulous, I just wish it looked more comfortable!  But a great idea none the less.  It’s available from a website called Timorous Beasties.

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A friend told me about a bookshop in Argentina that she’d heard about, it was in an old theatre.  It sounded interesting so I thought I’d look it up online.  OMG!  It’s amazing.  It’s called El Ateneo Grand Splendid and is located in Buenos Aires at Santa Fe Avenue, Bario Norte.  According to Wikipedia the building was designed by the architects Peró and Torres Armengol for the empresario Max Glucksman (1875-1946), and opened as a theatre named Teatro Gran Splendid in May 1919.  In the late twenties it was converted into a cinema and then in 2000 became a bookshop.  But rather than knock it down and build from scratch or keep the exterior of the building and turn the interior into a standard bookshop they retained all the original features.  So the stage is still there, along with the red velvet curtains, the boxes are still intact, the ceiling still has all its ornate carvings and you can sit, relax and read books in the cafe at the back of the stage.  It’s just stunning.

I love the fact that so much of the interior has been kept in its original condition and it goes to prove that bookshops don’t need to be dull, square, clinical spaces but rather this celebrates the flexibility of the bookshop and the book purchaser; books can be a connection with previous eras and atmospheres so I think this is the perfect use of the grand old theatre.  The perfect relaxed setting, full of character but not oppressive, in which to while away time perusing books.

It was also named as one of the world’s top 10 bookshops by the Guardian in 2008.

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