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I’ve been getting the RSS feed for the blog 1000 Awesome things for over a year now and it’s so much fun to read the headline and think, yeah that’s awesome!  All those everyday experiences that you take for granted but are actually really awesome, such as finding good reading material in someone else’s bathroom, the clean baby smell, finding out what song is in the commercial, the smell of a library, or getting the lid off a jar no one else could open!  I don’t agree with all the awesome posts but it’s nice to be reminded that we’re surrounded by awesome things everyday and we should celebrate the everyday achievements and pleasures just as much as the exceptional.

As I mentioned I’ve been reading this blog for over a year, but I’ve never commented on it.  But todays post really stood out for me; All the food that comes out of a pig is awesome!!  I love pigs; they’re intelligent, cute and extremely tasty.  Think I might need to have a bacon butty soon.


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