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I’m looking forward to cake!

There’s not been enough mentions of cake on here recently.  So I thought I should remedy that and as I’ve recently booked tickets to travel to my parents for x’mas I started thinking about my mother’s chocolate cake.  A childhood staple which I still love.  I always look forward to visiting my parents just so I can have homemade chocolate cake.  It is to me the epitome of home baking; it’s moist, chocolatey and soft!  It’s not dense like so many bought cakes and it’s not neat and tidy and most of all it’s not pretentious; it’s just proper chocolate cake.  It’s not triple choc fudge or beetroot and chocolate or pretend-healthy fake chocolate, it is just a good old fashioned homemade chocolate cake.  I have eaten lots of good chocolate cakes but they were all a different type of chocolate cake to my mum’s.

I had a fabulous chocolate fudge cake at a restaurant a few months ago, I ate a gorgeous chocolate and marzipan cake in Berlin last year but as good as these cakes are, comparing these to my mother’s cake is like comparing Formula 1 to the world rally championship!  They’re both forms of motorsport and they’re both exciting, fast and entertaining, so they both deserve a place in the motorsport world.  But one’s a bit slicker than the other, one’s a little messier.  So it is with cake!  You need the professional cakes with their extras and new ingredients but you still need the homemade cakes that might not be perfectly level or as neatly decorated but still have just as much taste and flavour!  So I say thank goodness for home baking; bring on the cake!


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Where’s the cake?

This blog is called cultureandcake, so where’s the cake? As well as being an avid reader I’m also a huge fan of cake of all types. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to describe one of my ideal scenarios when reading a book.

There’s nothing better than having a day out, or popping to the shops and stopping off somewhere for a drink and a piece of cake. Ideally the atmosphere should be cosy, preferably with a window for people watching, a comfy chair and a choice of cake! It’s a great way to relax and unwind. But it’s not always easy to find the right atmosphere, some of the brand name coffee shops don’t always feel comfortable, mainly cause they make you feel like you have to eat, drink & move on. But there are plenty of independent cafes and bars that do get it right.

I recently went to a pub in London called the BBC (Balham Bowls Club) Bar, I’d stopped in with a friend to have a pimms and sit in the beer garden and chat. When we walked into the bar what did I spot but a choice of cake! Fabulous! Alcohol, cake & a beer garden – perfection! I chose a slice of raspberry sponge and it was delicious and as I sat there chatting with my friend all I could think was this is the perfect bar to come and read in. In fact, it was while we were sitting chatting that I made my mind up to start this blog. So thanks to the bar for the atmosphere and cake and to my friend for the name of this blog site and encouragement.

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